R-Edge : Market Data Solution

R-Edge is a web based tool for agri lending banks, agri procurement companies and other agri related organizations to access accurate, unbiased, timely and customizable market price data, volume data and related information covering more than 450 crop varieties and 1300 markets. It provides decision critical market intelligence for various crops. It generates customized market data reports which can be integrated with client's systems.


High quality/accuracy data that minimizes commodity lending risks.

Optimize loan to margin ratio.

Extensive coverage and expertise

Customizable quality specifications catering to exact needs

Fast, accurate, independent and unbiased price data for internal and external audit benchmarking

RMLpro: Analytics and Engagement Tool

RMLpro is a tool for providing data, insights and intelligence on farmers, farmer groups, commodities, mandi prices and news (local and national) to enterprise stakeholders; empowering them to effectively plan, manage and expand their business in an informed way.



Updated information of farmer customers.

Profile details and Segmentation of farmer groups helping in lead generation for loans.

Mark to Market for commodities lending.

Risk assessment of farmer groups.

Ability to communicate to individual farmers and groups via multilingual SMS.

Regional Bank Officers / Branch Manager

View updated information of banking customers.

Targeted marketng foe Cross-selling / up selling or Marketing.

Ability to acquire new banking consumers.

Relevant news and local insights.

Sales & Origination Team for FPO

Lead generation to issue loan.

Search and view profile details of FPO.

Segmentation of FPOs.

Business Intelligence Team / Agri Commodity Credit Management Team

Mark to market for commodities for their analysis.

Bulk data comodity outlook for their analysis.

Relevant news and local insights.

Sales & Origination Team for FPO

Repayment Risk assessment of FPos.

Defining the Margins for commodity linked loans for the current season.

Report encompassing yield forecast, sowing details and price forcast.