RMLdirect : Personalized Agri Information Service.

A farmer in India is estimated to get only 20-25% price of his final produce vis-a-vis 40-50% in the developed world. The key area of concern is the lack of timely and reliable information around critical factors such as:


Spot prices of their crops across markets.

Localized weather forecast.

News that affect crop or input prices.

Government schemes and sources of finance.

Tips that help improve productivity

RML directly addresses these pain areas by providing a highly personalized information service to the farming community.

RMLdirect is an SMS based, highly personalized, unbiased agri-information service specially designed to support farming community. Expert information is delivered daily to the farmer's mobile phone covering every stage of the crop cycle, from pre-sowing to harvest and selling of crops enabling them to make informed decisions about their farming practices. The information is customized as per individual preferences of language, crops, markets and location making it actionable and impactful.

Service Offerings

RML empowers the farmers with the information pertaining to their daily farming needs, thereby improving their lives in a significant way. The specialized solutions are coupled with on ground presence through the field team.


Daily Weather Information.

3 Days Rolling Forecast.

Frost Alert.

Wind Speed.

Farm Solutions

Crop Advisory Tips.

Sustainable Agriculture Practices.

Weather Based Advisory.

Animal Husbandry.

Organic Farming.

Crop Improvement Techniques.

Agri Information

Market Information.

Post Harvest Technology.

Agri Input Information.

Regional And Local Agri News.

Government Schemes and Subsidies.

Market Data

Daily Weather Information.

High, Low and Midal Prices.

Commodity Arrival Information.

Variety Specific Market Prices.

Health & Education


Women and Child Education.

Health Tips & Balanced Nutrition.

Vaccination Schedule.

Government Scheme.

Financial Information

Banking Information.

Lending, Insurance & Investments.

Agriculture Related financial Policies.

Government Schemes and Subsidies.