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R-Edge is a web based solution for agribusiness companies, retailers, banks and other
large corporations to access accurate, unbiased and timely market price data, volume
data and related information on pan-India basis. It also provides decision critical market
intelligence for various commodities.

With R-Edge companies having exposure to
commodity prices track prices on a daily
basis, be it for their trading and
merchandising or for financing business.
R-Edge also provides state of the art market
intelligence, analytics and forecasting.

R-Edge generates customized market data reports which can be integrated with the
client’s systems. This helps the clients benchmark their procurement prices, monitor
overall exposure to commodities or margin sufficiency. It’s especially helpful where
companies’ operations are geographically spread but there’s need for centralized
monitoring and control e.g. Corporate office and Branch network of a bank.

Having access to bespoke price reporting and forecasting tools of R-Edge, companies can
be secure about their commodity exposure, improve their procurement efficiency and
make optimal business decisions.