RML is an equal opportunity employer, we offer attractive remuneration, stimulating work environment and
excellent career growth opportunities. RML provides its employees a dynamic professional environment
bound by one spirit and that makes it a great place to work.

RML offers innovative and technology-driven environment that will never be dull. Some of the key qualities
that we look for in potential employees are proactiveness, innovation, teamwork and leadership. At RML, we
believe in building leaders who can take on challenges, innovate and write success stories

To enable success at work, nurturing starts from day one on the job. Training programs for Business Dynamics
and need-directed programs are offered to employees to acquire and develop desired functional, people
management and decision making skills. Achieving milestone after milestone is our habit and we invite you to
be part of it.


» Career Development & Growth Opportunities from the first day on the job.
» Excellent Performance & Reward Strategies.
» Team-Focused environment, encouraging innovation and allowing you to innovate constantly.
» Focus on Learning & Development Programs.